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August 2011

saturday outdoor party

August 31, 2011

so the main reason going to stockholm was my friend’s b-day party saturday afternoon/evening and
i’m just gonna let the pictures talk.

a sunday in stockholm

August 30, 2011

had a great time in stockholm this past weekend.
plenty of pics to show you but this one is a sneak peak.

check back soon.

A tip

August 26, 2011

A little tip from me in case you’re dying to get some more frequent updates from me in cyberspace. I’m posting most of my Instagram pics on along with some other photos and neat stuff. Check it out!


I’m still here

August 26, 2011

I’s been a long time since last time I wrote here. I’ve been busy mostly with work and combine that with some none-inspiration and there you go. Anyway, I’m alive and still here. Sitting on the bus to Stockholm where my love and I are gonna spend the weekend with plenty of friends, good food/beer, and shopping. Right now:



the past days

August 4, 2011

the past days i’ve been walking around the city in the beautiful, sunny, and warm weather. i’ve been swimming in a small lake. i’ve had picnic in a park and eaten a yummy blueberry pie at a café, which looks like a cozy and woody backyard. i’ve also met a cute little newborn princess.

it’s been some really good past days.