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July 2011

two favorites lately

July 31, 2011

two favorites: the left one bought at forever 21 in nyc a couple of weeks ago.
the right one bought in the states a few years ago. guess it was at target.

blog design #2 july

July 31, 2011

i got some inspiration from my cousin about changing the layout on the blog. i chose a little bird-theme as a header. i took the picture last summer in the states. good memories. hope you like it. i do.

dinner out in the country

July 27, 2011

we were invited to some friends for dinner last night and they live out in the country. so, after work, my love and i jumped on a bus. we got off after about 45 min and were picked up by car to go on another ride (just about 5 min). and there it was, their little cute cottage with just a few smaller houses as neighbors. a field, woods and water right nearby. so beautiful, relaxing, and cozy. after dinner (a pie made of vegetables from their garden and some delicious cheesecake dessert, the american way) we headed out for a walk and down to the water. such a beautiful night and my love and i soaked in the fresh air and all the nature. it’s such a contrast with downtown where we live..

my parents are out of the country for some days and we get to use their car so i guess we’re gonna head for some more nature this weekend. i’ve really missed being in the swedish archipelago this summer so that might be our goal.

some photos from last night (credit to my love who took most of the pictures). she has such a talent.

The States – part 4/4 (New York City)

July 22, 2011

You can find part 1/4 here (The trip over there and Washington DC), part 2/4 here (The Beach in North Carolina) and part 3/4 here (Asheville).

We are now at the final post in this series of pictures from our trip to the States. It’s been hard to pick out photos from all the ones we took. It was an amazing trip over the pond with plenty of laughter, exploring, seeing family and friends, great food, wonderful boat rides, beach time, big city visits, shopping, and just being time. After spending some time in the mountains and then a little beach time in between we headed to the Big Apple for the last couple of days in the States (for this time). So now it’s time…here we go, part 4 of 4 – New York City.

Crazy Times Square…

…and plenty of cabs. Thought I was gonna die several times when we rode one from the airport to our hotel
(one block away from Times Square).

At the movies.

Starbucks breakfast. Yum.

Bryant Park

Central Park

An a m a z i n g and crazy talented drummer. I’m filming.

I wanna go back so badly and explore the areas we’re dying to check out. It’s so big…2 days isn’t enough.

The States – part 3/4 (Asheville)

July 21, 2011

You can find part 1/4 here (The trip over there and Washington DC) and part 2/4 here (The Beach in North Carolina).

Part 3 of 4.

My love’s driving to the mountains. Of course with a frappe in her hand.

A wonderful reunion!

The beautiful mountains.

Meeting the newborn cute little B, our friends’ little baby.

Hanging out in Asheville, the city where we used to live.


Mellow Mushroom in downtown Asheville and a chance to see some friends for lunch.

Some yummy local beer at our favorite pub.

The States – part 2/4 (The Beach in North Carolina)

July 20, 2011

You can find part 1/4 here (The trip over there and Washington DC).

Here we go, part 2 of 4.

Hanging out on the dock.

One of my favorite things to do. Sitting in that chair on the dock, drinking some beer and perhaps reading some.

One of my favorite stores in the States. Swedes, think Media Markt, but cheaper. We ended up buying a lot..

At out favorite restaurant. They serve a delicious vegetarian pasta dish.

Boat riding.

Artsy stuff, which I love, and some of the family members are involved.

Cool and amazing things (pottery, paintings and surf board sculptures) made by really talented artists.

Fourth of July and the family fixed an a m a z i n g firework show, and we all played around with the sparklers.

Chillin’ out on the beach or in the water.

Restaurant visits with yummy food and drinks.

Ok, here it is. The best carrot cake I’ve ever eaten and perhaps the most yummy thing I’ve ever had.

To be continued…

The States – part I/4 (The trip over there and Washington DC)

July 19, 2011

I’ve been back in Sweden for a couple of days, but thought I’d share some pics from my trip over the pond. I’ve split it up in four different parts. 1. The trip over there and Washington DC. 2. The Beach in North Carolina 3. Asheville (the mountains where I used to live) 4. New York City.

Here we go, part 1 of 4.

Waiting to board the plane and talking to my mom.

In the Washington DC area where we camped in the RV. Coffee with creamer. How much I’d missed that.

The Capitol building from a distance.

The Washington Monument is tiny..

The Smithsonian Castle.

I used to live in a similar looking neighborhood in Washington DC back in 2003…

…and the corner market where I used to shop some.