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June 2011


June 24, 2011

It’s gonna be a warm day in DC today…


We made it!

June 24, 2011

So we made it to the States. The plane arrived early in NJ so we had to circle for an hour which felt like we were landing for an hour. Have never felt plane sick before but oh my, it was close… Anyway.

We are camping in the RV right outside Washington DC now and will tourist the city some today. Used to live there back in 2003 but haven’t been there since then. Gonna feel amazing to be there with my real American family. Long story..

I’ve already been able to enjoy some glasses with cold lemonade, eaten Cheez-its and slept my first night.

It was awesome to get in to the country this time. I was for once treated as almost an American or at least as married to one. Yay! No second interview and hardly ANY questions at all. Woo hoo!





we’re gettin’ closer

June 21, 2011

so it’s tuesday evening and pretty much one day away from our vacation and trip to the states. we’re leaving early thursday morning and i guess it’s gonna be busy times now before departure so i’m doing an update here to let you all know what’s going on. we’re so freaking excited and so happy to be able to see our family across the pond again. hope you (the swedish people) have a great midsummer!

the beach area at my love’s parents’ place.
gonna spend many hours right there.

sunday brunch and fika plans

June 19, 2011

this is something my love is an expert on. french toast. it’s delicious. we ate that for brunch today. so it’s sunday afternoon now. a rainy sunday but i’m waiting for my cousin to come. some chat time and fika. oh, yes. gonna be cozy and good.

tuesday evening

June 14, 2011

it’s early on tuesday evening and i thought it was about time to give you all an update. gonna just chill here at home tonight which feels pretty good. got a few plans about working on some lists though. i need to fix a good playlist on spotify so i’ll have it on my phone, write down a packing list (i’m a fan of lists) and also do a more detailed shopping list. we’re (my love and I) heading to the states next week. it’s about time. almost a year ago since last time we saw the family there. way too long ago. anyway. that’s my plans for tonight. what are you all up to?

last friday at the amusement park, liseberg, in gothenburg, sweden.

monday evening snacks

June 6, 2011

two of my favorite stuff to eat: mozzarella cheese with tomatoes, olive oil, salt and fresh basil and then strawberries. i could seriously live on these things. perfect snacks for this evening (and all other evenings, sort of).

8 pics from the past days

June 6, 2011

our friends from ireland have traveled back and hopefully arrived safely in ireland by now. it’s been some amazing days full of funny (and relaxing) activities in the beautiful summer weather. i’m letting the pics talk more. enjoy.

welcome to Sweden!

June 2, 2011

it’s thursday evening and my love and i are sitting in the kitchen and we just finished some dinner. got a text from our friends who live in ireland. they have landed and are gonna be here in about 3 hours. YAY! we’re so freakin’ excited. gonna be some days full of adventures with pub visits, hanging out in the archipelago (hey, the weather is gonna be around 27°C/80°F and sunny), shopping, restaurant visits, BBQ’s and just chillin’ time. oh, yeah. i’m pumped.

welcome to sweden, n & c!