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April 2011

a reminder

April 30, 2011

Just want to remind you all, for those who leave some comments, that I always respond to them under your own comment so don’t forget to check back later on if you would like to read the respond or the greeting back. I’m also gonna work on to respond to your blogs/websites if you have one.

So any plans for today? Liz and I are big time chillin’ at home. I’m gonna work most of the evening and night and Liz will hang out with my family and celebrate a typical last of April evening with a bon fire in the country.

Hope you’re all having a great day. Can’t believe is May 1st tomorrow!



April 29, 2011

i nowadays own a typewriter with such great and awesome personal history. love it.

wednesday morning

April 27, 2011

i’m doing one of the things i like right now. drinking coffee in front of the morning tv show “vakna med the voice”. having a lazy morning before my errands start. it’s pretty gray outside today and i believe it’s gonna rain soon. but hey, we’ve had sun for like two weeks straight now.

was looking through some pics on my computer and found this funny one i wanna share with you all. you know that i need two bodyguards while i’m in the states? oh, well it truly looks like it here on this pic. we were at a restaurant/pub on a pier and i was ordering some drinks. liz took a pic and i ended up standing between these two guys or they ended up surrounding me. have no idea who they are.

hope you will have a good wednesday!

is it time?

April 26, 2011

when is it a good time for a specific moment? do you really know if one moment is better than another? (but what is better?) or perhaps you should have done it earlier? who knows when the moment is the right moment? i’m thinking about this blog and it’s life. anyway. i don’t know if this moment is a good time to really release this blog. i’ve been working on it for a while. been thinking. and i’ve not felt ready, based on what i think might turn out to be a lack of inspiration or most likely a lack of time. but who knows? it might be different. what if i get a crap load of inspiration and thoughts that i want to share with you all. after all, i like sharing my thoughts and pictures with others and getting feedback on it. that’s the love and connection. so i guess this is the official release for this blog. who knows if i’m ready, but i sure know that i can’t be sure this is the specific good time. that’s why you should take a leap of faith and just go for it.

so welcome to!

things i like

April 26, 2011


coffee in the morning in front of the the morning show “vakna med the voice”. having an amazing cat in my lap. snuggling in the cozy covers during lazy mornings. sunday brunches at home with my love while the sun is shining through the opened window in the kitchen. ♥


April 15, 2011

we are gonna be there in about 10 weeks. i’m so excited.

blog design #1 april

April 3, 2011

so here i am at

lier, which stands for “li” as lina and “er” as eriksson. simple, short and i like it. a lot of things have happened since my last blog and posts on the other website even though it’s not too long ago. but life can twist in the most amazing ways when you least expect it. i’m now way more busy during the days. i have a different schedule and it’s because i’ve gotten the most fantastic job ever. so i’m now working full time and i love it so much. anyway.

i will update as much as i can, but will not pressure myself at all.
hope you’ll enjoy and like it.

feel free to leave comments, thoughts and feedback!