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April 7, 2009

crappy thoughts. hate them. yes, even if i’m not that sick anymore, i still have my days and some of the thoughts. hate it.


i’m NOT gonna get stuck and they are not gonna ruin the rest of the day!

haven’t been procuctive at all today. good job Lina. hmpf. but made some packing lists and organized a list of things we have to do before we’re goin’ south.
5 points.

so…just because you are so curiuos, here it is:

tue relax, eat dinner at home, just be..
wed study A LOT, thirsty monk with L and D during the evening
thu make sure all clothes are clean, go and change car with L’s parents (they had L’s car during some days to make sure everything is fine for our know fix with the oil and stuff i don’t have a clue about/time to do/want to do, neither my love…sort of), clean the car, watch grey’s anatomy at j & m’s?
fri do grocery shopping – buy all the food we’re gonna bring, and road trip candy/snacks (i added that to our list) – YAY!
sat morning start our road trip to Florida and The Keys!

it’s snowing (not staying on ground) but it’s gonna be 57°F/ 14°C tomorrow and thursday: 68°F/20°C. so i am calm. we will be around Jacksonville, Florida (or more south), on saturday afternoon or evening and it’s gonna be 84°F/ 29°C then. yay. ok. that’s enough of weather talk. haha.

texted my love to bring some chai latte from starbucks back home . yes, i’m stuck. i love it. got one text back: sounds great…

woo hoo.

l o v e.

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