balcony makeover

April 7, 2014

Liz and I decided to do a makeover of our balcony last Saturday.



balcony2Realized when I was going to write this post, that we were lacking photos of the balcony before the the two above are pretty much what I have. However, we had two red chairs, a rug, and a rectangular, metal table.

The process:

balcony3Worked hard putting all the furniture together…and before that cleaned the space and the windows.

The result:balcony4



balcony7 balcony8 balcony9
The chairs got cushions and we bought a stool which can be an additional seat as well. We added some plants for a little greenery, and bought a bistro table and two chairs, which is perfect for all the meals we’re gonna eat out there once it gets a tiny bit warmer. We ate our premiere dinner and drank some wine, after we finished¬†decorating it. Do I have to say we love our balcony?

(credit to Liz for the majority of the pictures)

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