back in school

February 9, 2010

oh, yes and i love it. to just sit and listen to a good teacher talking about real experiences and cases. discuss problems/issues in the society with other students, learn new stuff and just be more of a student or at least a student in it’s environment. the school. (sort understand what i mean, right?!). love it. it took me forever to get here since my first train was delayed so i missed my second train – the one and only during daytime and i had to go to another city with another train and then take a bus the last 2.5 hours = i arrived in the middle of the night and about 2 hours late. anyway. i made it and i’m here and enjoying my time.

sitting in the library now and just saw a teacher i’ve wanted to talked to (discuss my plans for my final paper). he’s my favorite one and i asked if he had some time to talk with me. so i’ll see him tomorrow after school. yay. 5 points for good timing. gonna write on some paper now. hope it’s a good writing day. feeling kind of tired after a whole pretty long school day.


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