back in norrköping

March 23, 2010

i have been to östersund for over a week..but it feels really good to be back in Norrköping now. think i’m more of a southern girl. or i’m not only thinking, i know i am. came back today, early afternoon and have been crazy busy the whole freaking time since then. done three loads of laundry. cleaned my room. sent a crap load of e-mails. set an appointment for my hair to be fixed. my friend (who’s a hairdresser) is an angel. have already warned her about my hair and that she’s probably gonna cry when she’s seing me on saturday. gaaah. anyway. i’ve gotten a package today. woo hoo! will show you tomorrow. hee hee.

now; two winter pics from östersund..

winter activities – the lake

some of the university buildings

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