An update.

April 6, 2013

I’m alive.
I was close going to the hospital Thursday.
I will get special care at home during the weekend (instead of being in the hospital).
There’s a plan for next week.
If the plan doesn’t work out..we’ll see.

In other words, it’s not that great right now. But I’m trying to fight!

I’ve written a blog post (below this one), called Password safe 1, with more detailed information about everything. Feel free to ask for the password. It’s pretty private, but I know many of you know me or care some extra about me, so you can request an access to it if you want to. Please do not be shy asking for it (I just want sort of control).

Would you like to request the password in order to read the password safe blog posts?
Send an e-mail to: lier[@] and name the e-mail “Password“. You’ll receive an e-mail back with the password.

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