A year’s worth of music by Liz

September 1, 2015

Liz at belovelive.com has had a really cool music project during her 41st year of living, by creating music lists on Spotify and then share them with whoever interested. She’s turning 41 in the end of September and therefore has completed her project by now (she started september 2014 when she turned 40!), but not without a grande finale.

For September 2015, she has let the playlist be a collaborative one where people have been able to add songs to the list. Love it. I’ve been a big fan of her playlists, listened to them at work for hours, have had great memories to many of them, and explored, for me, new artists as well.

Since I think, of course, my wife is  kickass, I wanted to share this with you here as well! Hope you’ll enjoy this list as much as I will (I’ve cheated a little bit and seen/listened to a few songs already).

↓ If you would like to explore the other playlists. 

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    […] Liz also takes amazing pictures, and creates her own little projects, such taking pictures of skies/sunsets Another project of hers, is the music project, where she created monthly playlists started when she turned 40 last year. I wrote some about it here. […]

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