a swedish “snow day”?! [+ update]

February 3, 2010

i can compare the states and sweden in many ways – positive and less positive stuff. since i’m spending some time in the southern part of the states and sweden is a country up in the north..it makes it even more interesting sometimes. like “snow days”. it can snow alot in the southern part of the states (close to the mountains) but they don’t have specific kind of wheels for their cars or tractors/trucks that are taking the snow away from the roads like we have – not what i’ve seen or experienced at least. the schools have to close or the teacher have an “optional workday” or an “annual leave day” (where everyone is off). anyway..

i was standing this morning, waiting for the tram to come in a sort of snow storm. gaah. it was really crappy – windy and plenty of snow everywhere. i was supposed to take a tram ride for about 25 min, pass downtown and attend a school study visit. well..the tram didn’t show up on time, made it too late for me and i made a decision to go back home and take my own personal “snow day” as the nowadays half-american i am. hee hee. i’m actually writing on a paper (do i do anything else in school nowadays?) but also drinking coffee and lstening to music. me like.

gonna try go to downtown to the afternoon informations instead. oh, well. even though i feel a little bit guilt to take a “personal snow day” (even though it was hard for me to go downtown because of the non-existing tram), i like this day so far. i’m learning a crap load of new stuff, which i love. can i study for the rest of my life? think i will but in my own way..and work some in between, of course

ok. back to research for my paper. hope you’re all having a good snowy day (if there’s snow where you are) otherwise, a good day!


i’m home during the afternoon too. there was no way i could manage to go downtown. pics will be posted very soon.

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