a swede or an american?

September 25, 2009

i sort of see me as both nowadays. like half-half (but skip the milk/cream part). my love is an american and she is my soul, my everything. i have an american and a swedish family and i am proud of both. so proud. one thing is really funny though..i always feel really proud of sweden when i’m in the states. i mean, i’m never as much swede as i am when i’m here in the states. isn’t that funny? like now. the sounds (link) are gonna play here in asheville this weekend. makes me wanna go, and why? well..they are a pretty famous band BUT they are also from sweden! oh, yes! it’s only 15 bucks too = cheap! and i have never been to the orange peel where they are gonna play.

the only crappy thing is the day. a   s u n d a y. (and my love has to work the day after…meh.)

don’t know if we’re gonna go, but it surely made me think about my american/swedish life. interesting, big time.

pics here (the sounds) & here (the orange peel)

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