A rainy Sunday afternoon in the studio

October 13, 2013

Sitting by the desk, writing down notes from my history book (oh well, not exactly right now since I’m writing here – needed a break), and listening to some music. Håkan Hellström to be more specific. I’ve never really been into his music, but better late than never, I guess. Enjoying it big time. It’s raining outside so it feels totally cozy. Love it. Liz is sitting beside me, writing on her article for a paper (we’re both totally living out our dreams). How amazing is that? Gonna read and write some more, drink warm stuff for my sore throat. Yes, I have a freaking cold AGAIN. It’s gotta be the American germs. Plenty of students are sick at school and since attendance is mandatory and will affect your grade in the end, students are going to class, and therefore all the sickness is around all the time. Hmpf. But I have explored our instant hot water, built in in our coffee maker, so I’m a happy camper. So easy and convenient when you constantly need to drink something warm so the throat doesn’t hurt too much.

Oh, we went to the movies last Friday and watched Gravity with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. I was freaked out for the whole 1.5 hours it was showing. Space, accidents, close to death or death experiences with its panic…gaaaah. But it was pretty ok, and it was fun with 3D and space. Gotta go back to the Golden Age of Athens now.


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