A new hobby!

January 31, 2013

I got promarkers from my parents for Christmas, and now have started to sketch a little bit. Gaaah. It’s not my talent at all. My granddad was a painter and my whole family (dad, mom, sister, and brother) are all really good at sketching/painting. I’m not. Or, I guess I can produce something after a long time of hard work and plenty of patience. I want it to be perfect from the beginning and have it all set up in my head. The issue is getting it on on a piece of paper. It’s the practice part I’m truly bad at, but this is what I’m working on right now. So I have started a new hobby – sketching. I tried the promarkers for the first time yesterday and I love them! So good. The color flows good together and you can use a blender so the colors will blend in good together and you can also work with different shades of just one color. I believe I’m gonna keep myself busy today as well, sketching and hopefully making some progress in my sketching career. Hehe.


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