A mix of everything is the way to go.

January 23, 2013

It has been some hard days lately, but I’ve been trying (and challenging myself) to do things that will really make me feel better in the long run. I might not feel completely 100% while doing it though. But hey, that’s the challenge! If you happen to have a crappy day, which is normal and everyone has it every now and then, put yourself into a more positive situation. For example, be around positive and fun people or keep yourself busy with some fun projects. Then, it’s a bigger chance that your mood might change to the better. And it’s better to try the change than to skip everything and keep feeling bad and sometimes just feel sorry for yourself. Of course you can feel bad for yourself, but I believe you have to break that pattern, after a (short) while, when it actually doesn’t help you at all. It worked out for me. Liz and I went out for dinner with a friend of ours. A new place in town, and it was really good. A challenge, but it worked. I survived, and the most important. It. Was. Fun. We also had a lazy morning in bed the other morning. So relaxing, and cozy. You know, drink coffee forever in bed, read today’s paper, listen to music, and just chat. Loved it.

It feels like a lot of things are going on now. A pretty crazy schedule. Liz has started to work more hours so she’s not home as much anymore. We also have many plans in the near future. Several b-day parties, quality time with different friends, reunion plans, future plans we need to continue to work on, travel preparations (next up is Germany and later on China!). And while doing all of this, I have my main focus – to get better, and take part of all the treatments. Just that is a big challenge, and the most important one. But I believe, in addition to the treatment, I need all the other mentioned things in order to get better as well. A mix of everything. With all that said, I’m gonna end with some words that will be my focus today.

Stay focused. Be positive. Challenge yourself. Live life.


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