August 19, 2014


Yes, it’s true. Lina is gonna sketch this morning which is a huge deal. I’m not really good at all and put so much pressure on myself so it usually leads to a minor meltdown. BUT, I’m gonna work on this now. Practice, practice, and not freak out about going to class where my classmates are gonna look at my sketches and give critical feedback (good and less good). Gaaaaah. I’ve been staring at this sketchbook for an hour now. It’s time to get started. The homework is due tomorrow – sketch emotions in two characters, tell a story with just simple drawings, and then do it on my pen tablet so it will be in a digital format. Sounds pretty simple but for someone who attended a science program¬†in high school and then studied to become a social worker at the university in Sweden, this is a huge deal.

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