June 18, 2014

Two weeks left, and I’m in Sweden! Can’t believe it’s been almost a year since we moved to the States. Really excited about going there and having the chance to hang out with family and friends, eat Swedish food and just soak up the beauty of my home country.

However, before we’re heading to Sweden, the annual Reynolds family beach week is coming up! So. Much. Fun. Liz and I are heading to the beach on Friday and will stay there for a little bit more than a week! Since Liz’s aunt and her family don’t live at the beach, they have rented a house, where Liz and I are gonna stay too. Can’t wait for coffee on the porch with the endless ocean as a view, days on the beach, game nights, eating at our favorite restaurant, a lot of laughter, and craziness. Love it! beach

The view from the house’s porch. 


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