7. To unplug or not to unplug… that is the question.

October 7, 2016

How do you feel about going off the grid? This week, Liz + Lina swap ideas about how they believe that it just might be possible to stay plugged in + be unplugged all at the same time.

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  • Reply Meghan October 7, 2016 at 5:06 PM

    This podcast episode was amazing. I think this conversation about social media use and unplugging is really an important one to have, particularly the way y’all have framed it as it being about connection – to others and to yourselves. I am totally in agreement with you that stepping away from the constant connection on social media can be an essential way to refocus on how you want to spend your time and to refocus on your intent (which is my word of 2016!). As you mentioned, its about taking the time and prioritizing the things you need to be doing in your life, especially for you so that you actions in the world are grounded in, and are an expression of, your true self. I also think taking time for yourself, by yourself, is fundamental because it is regenerative, particularly for those of us who are introverts. Disconnecting a bit shifts us into being more present in the world that is actually around us as well, and connects/syncs our inner realities with the external realities if you know what I mean.

    I do believe that social media and electronic forms of communication can be wonderful and nourishing because it can be real human connection but that overuse – or at certain points in our life *any* use – can be a distraction and a way to avoid dealing with things. It can be a escape from the reality of the way your life actually is. I love how y’all clarified and sat with this idea about “getting away” as turning inward and not as an avoidance; your examination of this distinction is something people don’t usually do when thinking about the idea of “unplugging.” Also, the phrase ‘listen to myself’ is kind of my guiding philosophy and I love that you talked about that connection with your true self and what you really want to do (and thus how you spend your time).

    Finally, your summary of how unplugging can be a way to rebalance so that you can continue being present in your external reality (meaning life which is around you) without sacrificing the connection with your deeper self is a critical way to view it I think. I think if we all don’t continue to examine what we need and what is serving us or not we risk pushing ourselves to the point where we’ll need that big escape, that total withdrawal. However, while this disconnecting completely as a way to remove yourself from external reality isn’t ideal (because we have to integrate ourselves into life) I personally believe, and totally 100% support, when people feel compelled to do this. I think it’s one of the most courageous actions a person can take because facing what you need and sitting with yourself without distraction is really fucking hard. On a personal note, walking away from the life I had was the single best thing I have ever done for myself and I have no problem promising myself that I will continue to take whatever action I need in order to maintain that connection with my deep self, my soul, but I strive to remain present in my world while being in communication with myself, just as y’all do.

    So yeah, this was a totally amazing discussion, ladies. Thank you for putting this out there. xoxo

    ps. I posted the identical comment on Liz’s blog; I just posted here for you to read first hand because your insights were amazing.

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