November 5, 2009

couldn’t come up with any good subtitle of this post. yeah. 5 inspiration points to me. it’s thursday and i am sitting here, listening to music, feeling emotional in many ways (amazingly happy, in love, sad, missing my love and so on and so on and so on). i should, as usual, write on my paper but have NO inspiration. i know i will get it done but i hate that it’s all gonna be so stressful (deadline is not until january). it’s grey out and snowing every now and then. i’m coughing big time and i hate it. so annyoing. anyway. going on a road trip tomorrow with ma, pa, sis and her kids tomorrow until sat. woo hoo. gonna be fun, interesting and i don’t know. haven’t done that for a long time. haven’t seen two of the three kids since august so it’s gonna be wonderful to hug them tomorrow. today is a day when i really miss being in the states with my love. the life i have there…it’s so different compare to here and it’s a process to get used to everything all over again and to be without my love. it’s hard. oh, well. gonna try to find some more articles i need for my paper. yeah.

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