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January 2013

Picture glimpses from our time in the States. Part two of two.

January 15, 2013

Check out part one here.

blog28New Years Eve and the table was greatly decorated.

blog29Asheville, a city surrounded by the Great Smokey Mountains. So beautiful. Ah, I really love this city. Deeply in my heart and soul.

blog23Downtown Asheville.

blog12A store located in Asheville. So much fun stuff. 

blog11Walking around in Asheville, listening to locals playing music. 


blog24 Me

blog18My love and her dad both bought new computers.

blog19Christmas tree lights out of focus (duh).

blog22Me. Again.

blog16My everything.

blog9Petting a random dog. He/she was so loving.

blog4Biltmore Estate – America’s biggest privately owned house (or mansion). 

blog6I was, before this, a frozen yoghurt virgin. Not anymore – I love it.

blog2Beautiful nature.

Picture glimpses from our time in the States. Part one of two.

January 14, 2013

I am back in Sweden now after spending some wonderful weeks in the States. We have done so many things, such as hanging out with friends, testing (at least for me) new places to eat, going to the movies, Christmas tree hunting, family visiting us for some days, shopping, celebrating Christmas and New Years Eve, relaxing, and laughing a lot. It’s been so great, but it feels pretty good to be back home in our apartment, and with our beloved little girl, Zola (the cat).

I will split this picture post into two instead of only one, since there are so many pictures I would like to share with you. They are not in a particular order, but all of them mean something to me. A place I love, people I love, a time when I had really fun, and new great memories built up inside of me. This is part one, my dear readers:

blog8The area, Lake Junaluska, where my love’s parents have their house. 

blog30My love and I in front of 2012’s Christmas tree.

blog27 A great Mexican restaurant where they have a big salsa bar with all different kinds of salsa. Salsa heaven.

blog26A Wednesday night when we spent some time with great friends. I was obviously cracking up. Silly games. 

blog20At one of our favorite cafes. This is the place to order an “Ultimate Mocha”. So yummy. 

blog21The “Ultimate Mocha”.


blog3All you need when baking Christmas pies/cookies/treats. Everything is pretty much made already and you basically just need to mix stuff together. You can even buy a ready-made crust in a pie pan. Crazy, at least for me, a Swede, who is used to baking everything from scratch. 

blog13Christmas Day morning.

blog15Christmas Day madness when everyone is opening Christmas gifts.

blog14Christmas Day dinner. 

blog10My love relaxing on the porch. 

blog5The restaurant, “12 Bones Smokehouse”, where Obama likes to eat whenever he’s in Asheville, NC. (He has been here several times). 

blog7Peace; one of my favorite word. Period.