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November 2012

I am back!

November 6, 2012

I’ve been to the southern part of Sweden for some days and it has been a long weekend full of family time, dinners, walks, a trip to Denmark, shopping/antique store shopping (will show you later on the amazing things we bought). Check back tomorrow morning for a picture update from our trip! I believe it has to be another post, on its own, for the shopping part too.

It’s been great, but it feels good to be back home. Liz has voted today, and we’re gonna stay up all night long and follow the exciting election in the States. Just realized it’s actually November now, and we’re heading to the States next month – can’t wait!

A roadtrip it is!

November 2, 2012

I’m off for a road trip to Skåne (southern part of Sweden), which is about a 4.5 hours drive from where I live. Well, it will probably take more like 6 hours, since I’m going with my parents in their car (they like to stop every now and then…you know, culture things, views, coffee breaks…). I have cozy dinners with my big family ahead of me, longs walks along the beach, shopping in Denmark, and much more. I will come back Tuesday night so I’ll be back here then (unless I happen to find some wireless Internet), and update you all along. But you can find regular picture updates on my instagram account @liersees

Have a great weekend! 

pic can be found here.

November, you’re somehow more welcome this year, than other years

November 1, 2012

I have always disliked November more than other months, perhaps because it’s always dark, gray, and cold. It has also always felt like it’s just a long lap in order to get to December, and later on Christmas. But it feels somehow different this year.

I am working on a huge project in my life which will be life-changing, and a dream come true, once I’ve reached my goal. This is something that takes time, that I work on basically every day. Liz and I are starting November by going to Skåne (southern part of Sweden), and visiting family for a long weekend. It’s gonna be fun to see some relatives I haven’t seen in a long time, hang out in a different environment, spend a day in Denmark, and a lot more. We are leaving tomorrow morning! We are going to Stockholm in the middle of November to hang out with one of my closest friends from high school, listen to a band we know who’s playing in old town Stockholm, and have some other planned things. In the end of the month we are gonna watch a musical here in town and celebrate Thanksgiving with a group of friends.

So with some spread out trips planned, a musical to watch, and a Thanksgiving to celebrate, this November will be pretty great! Do you have any plans in November?

from a walk Liz and I took the other day