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Some things Santa brought me…

December 31, 2012

I forgot I was gonna show you what I got for Christmas, but here it comes! I was totally spoiled Christmas Day with amazing gifts such as a Wacom Intuos5 Tablet (so I can improve my drawing/designing/creating life in a technology way), black Uggs, gift cards to Barnes & Noble (where you can buy all kinds of books, notebooks, games, and magazines), Urban Outfitters, and then a Visa gift card! Amazing jewelry such us earrings, and a cool vintage watch necklace. I also got an awesome leather backpack…and some other things. I’m so thankful – not only for the gifts, but for such an amazing day!





December photo challenge – part 4

December 31, 2012

I did it! The photo challenge of December is finished. I promised myself in the beginning to not feel stressed out about it, enjoy it, and work hard to follow through with it! It has been fun. Thank you, my love, for creating it! Ok, time to show the last pictures, and say goodbye to this little project. Check also out the earlier parts:

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Here we go, part 4:

22. Elephant


23. Peace


24. Silent


25. Family

26. Black

27. Meditation

28. Role Model


29. Nature


30. Memories


31. You


When 2012 becomes 2013

December 30, 2012

It’s the end of the year, which means that many blogs have year summaries. You look back to 2012 month for month, show pictures, and write about what happened during each period. I’ve been thinking a lot about this kind of post, and if I want to do something similar..You know what…2012 has been my worst year ever in my life. Full of sickness, treatments, hospital visit for about a forth of the year. It’s been a year full of scary things, challenges, canceled/reduced timed trips and so on.

I started off the year working some, went to the States for about two weeks (visited relatives in northern part of the States, skied, did road trips, and visited friends). So far, pretty good. Winter became early spring and I got more and more sick. In the end of April, I wasn’t allowed to work anymore due to health (according to nurses and doctors). In the beginning of May I was taken to the emergency room and then had to stay in the hospital. I had no choice to leave (according to the law). I stayed in the hospital May through July with just a few permissions so I could, for example, celebrate my cousin’s graduation in mid June and celebrate Midsummer with my love, family, and friends. I fought really hard to be able to be released in the end of July (earlier than some treatment people really wanted me to), and I was. Then it was August and I was not able to work. Still. Or I worked really hard, but treatment-wise, which I have been doing the whole fall, and still am. In the end of August/beginning of September, I was allowed to leave the country for a long weekend in Ireland which was gonna be the highlight of 2012! My love and I attended the most amazing wedding between two of our friends, in the countryside of Ireland. It was so much fun and I also sang and played the piano during the wedding, which was a huge honor! Another friend of mine got married just a couple of weeks before, so August was pretty much a wedding month. So I have had some glimpses of fun and life during the year.

I’m in the States now and I’m so thankful that I can be here. Been celebrating Christmas and about to cheer in the New Year. I’m gonna celebrate that 2013 will start, and be happy about leaving 2012 behind. A year when I was about to die. A year when I had to celebrate my 28th b-day in the hospital with three nurses coming in to my room singing to me (although I got permission to leave for some hours, and my parents and my love took me out to my favorite place – the archipelago). A year when I had to cancel a trip to Paris because I was too sick…Too much negative stuff.

2013, I welcome you warmly. Even though I’ll continue my treatments in the beginning of the year, and probably during the whole spring, I can’t wait for other life changing plans to begin. Something to help me start over. I have some huge projects in my life right now. Future plans that I still keep for myself right now since it’s not all set. But as soon it is, I’ll let you know. Pretty soon, I hope.

Although 2012 has been a year of hell (with a few positive glimpses), I believe in 2013. It can only get better and better. I’m happy to be alive, and all my experiences has just made me grow even more as a human being. I have written a really hard passage in my life book, and I’m hopefully close to the end of that, and to the next chapter to begin and what it all will bring.

I wish you all a Happy New Year filled with amazing moments, good health, and with dreams coming true!



So thankful!

December 26, 2012

It’s Christmas Day evening and we’ve been celebrating all day long here. It’s been such a good day, even though I haven’t been able to spend Christmas with my parents, siblings, nieces, and nephew, it’s been really good. We started off the day opening our stockings filled with gifts. Santa had eaten all the cookies, and drank the milk that we put out for him! It followed with preparations for a late lunch (it was a really cozy and relaxed morning), and my wife’s brother and his wife came over to my wife’s parents’ place. We opened one gift each, ate lunch, and then the craziness began. I’m blown away by everything..all the amazing gifts, but most of all how good it’s been to be with my love and her family after not celebrating Christmas in the States for several years. I might show you some of the gifts later on, but it’s time for bed now I believe.

Tomorrow is our anniversary day (3 years being married!), and we are probably gonna go out and eat. The movie “Les Miserable” is also out in the movies so we are gonna check that one out. Exciting.

Hope you all have had a great Christmas filled with love.



The Christmas tree hunt!

December 19, 2012

We were gone almost the whole day yesterday with the goal of finding the perfect Christmas tree on a Christmas tree farm. We found several farms but no people there to sell a tree. After driving around in the mountains for hours, we finally found the perfect place on top of a mountain with plenty of beautiful trees and an amazing view! We used the RV so we could fit with the tree inside. Stay tuned to see the tree decorated which we are gonna do today!












I’m finally on American ground!

December 19, 2012

After being awake and traveling for almost 24 hours, I’m finally in the mountains of North Carolina. Feels really good to be here again after almost a year ago since last time. The trip over went pretty good, at least the first flight. I thought I was gonna gonna die during the second flight due to horrible turbulence…Hated it. Anyway, I’m now ready for the Christmas season to kick in. We’ve been gone on a Christmas tree hunting adventure almost the whole day today. The most beautiful Christmas tree is now waiting to be put up and decorated, but that’s on tomorrow’s agenda. Check back for pictures and the story of finding the perfect Christmas tree farm, and Christmas tree. Take care.



December 16, 2012

We are only one day away from our departure now! The plane is taking off tomorrow morning, and we are leaving for Stockholm later on today. I really need a change of environment and some warmer weather (at least for some days!). But the best will of course be to hang out with family, relatives, and friends I haven’t seen in almost a year. Way too long. I will try to keep you all posted about what we are up to.


December photo challenge – part 2

December 15, 2012

Another week of the photo challenge has passed and it’s about time to post the pictures from the past week. Check out week one here. Other then taking pictures, I’ve been busy with with other things, such as packing. Oh, yes. We are starting our trip to the States tomorrow! Heading to Stockholm in the evening, and flying out Monday morning. We are over the top excited! Ok, back to the photo challenge:

8. Stranger


9. Love


10. Candles


11. Daily News


12. Lights


13. Ordinary


14. Celebration