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i made it!

June 9, 2010

so, i finally made it to NC. gah, what a trip. the plane was delayed leaving stockholm so i missed my connection flight from newark (NJ) to charlotte (NC) and there were no seats left on the planes during the evening so i had to stay a night in NJ. hmpf. my love had to stay in a hotel in charlotte since she was suppose to pick me up and it’s about a 2.5 hour ride from the airport to home. anyway. i decided to get on a plane EARLY in the morning (monday morning american time) and land in charlotte at 8 am. well, that plane was delayed too. gaaaaah. i just wanted to get here. but it was only like an hour and i was able to hug my love around 9 monday morning after been traveling for 31 hours in total. my love was off from work and we just hung out, ate lunch and got my new computer!!! YAY, finally! it’s a macbook pro 13″ – the new version and i love it. haven’t been able to play around that much yet, but will today!

it’s 7.30 am and i just finished breakfast. my love is at work and i decided to stay home and just relax (and play with my computer..hee hee). i was at work/school yesterday and i actually worked some. yep. i was a proctor (it’s a volunteer who’s helping out with the students’ exams). so i was basically handing out papers while my love was reading instructions. then my mission was sort of to walk around some every now and then to check on the students.

oh, went to the movies yesterday afternoon. sex and the city 2 and we were the only ones watching it that time. it shows like 8 times a day or something. was pretty cool and the movie was ok. not amazing, but ok. love to see all their clothes. it’s so colorful.

what else? hmm. gonna work on the new website. just takes some time. have alot to do for our coming wedding party too. music playlists. pictures to fix. food lists to go through and other things. yeah. well, that’s an update for now. now: coffee and creamer. YEAH.


driving permit!

May 28, 2010

woo hoo! got my international driving permit today. it’s getting closer! just a little bit more than a week left – can’t wait! have been studying the whole day (phu) and the weekend will be pretty busy with socializing since i’m leaving monday morning for östersund (the city where my university is and where i’m gonna graduate next friday). next week will be busy with graduation stuff and then some celebrations in uppsala (the city where my brother lives) with my family and then the final, boarding the plane to the states. YAY! gonna wash some clothes, do some sewing (turn one pair of jeans into shorts), plan and organize some packing – both for the days in östersund, uppsala and then the states. yep. busy.

love it, big time!

May 26, 2010

the season of the show “Svenska Hollywoodfruar” is over (a reality show about rich swedish women in CA)..but my favorite of them all is continuing with a blog AND a webcamera. i freaking love it and it’s making me smile, big time. thanks maria montazami for making the blog world so much more filled with laughter. love it.

check it out here.

pic from here.


May 26, 2010

gosh. can’t believe it’s already in the end of may! FINALLY. graduating next week and will also go home, to my love.

but today:
– study with m (we wrote the final paper together)
– perhaps cut my hair (just a little bit)
– watch “in treatment” (i’m stuck and think i’m studying while watching it..hehe)

 i’ve been going through my extern hard drive and it’s still a going on project – it’s taking for freaking ever. gah. have found plenty of old pics i haven’t looked at in a very long time. it’s a hard thing to do sometimes and i actually get these “aha” experiences every now and then. that’s leading to confusion big time. will use part of my blog price on saturday so the blog will hopefully change space pretty soon, it’s in the process! yay!! i have fun plans. just for the heck of it (thinking of my extern hard drive organizing experiences). here’s me, a young lina.


woo hoo!!!

May 22, 2010

I WON the blog competition!! see link (here)!!! 

so excited and these coming weeks will sort of be a transition time for me – changing blog place, getting my own domain etc. but as i said, it’s alot of stuff going on right now in life, specially in school so more updates will come in like 2 weeks when i’m finally with my love and her family in the states!

thank you so much! woo hoo.

i’m here…

May 21, 2010

…but as you can see, having sort of a break from this blog. it’s alot going on in life right now. been working on my final paper and i’m graduating from the university today in two weeks and then add some other private stuff. will probably write some later on (as in a week or two), but definitely when i’m in the states (in about 2 weeks). come back then! yes. deal.

take care. peace.

a message

May 9, 2010

“happy american mother’s day, mamma! i miss you and i can’t wait till you rub your face on my furry tummy and snuggle with me all over. it’s been a long time, but i’ll see you soon!! gonna go bother mom now. hehe. think i’ll try to climb a door and get outside…she gets so upset about that, but i’m just givin her a hard time. i know you’d like that! anyway…you are the best mamma a cat could have and i knew it when you came to see me at pet harmony. i knew you would be perfect and amazing, that we would be the perfect family. i love you, mamma. you’re the best!


/your little girl, zola”

gaaaah. freaking out a little.

May 7, 2010

gosh. i’m graduating pretty soon which means it’s about time to look for a job. and i’m (we’re) starting a new chapter in my (our) life/lives. yay! i’m so excited and freaked out at the same time. gonna continue digging in to this jungle. yep.

one month.

May 6, 2010

YES! today in a month i’m sitting on a plane which is taking me over the pond to my love. i can’t wait. just want these weeks to fly away. summer: road trips and beach life. yeah.

same same but different

May 5, 2010

i feels like all my days are looking the same. and they are. it’s all about my final paper and it’s less than 4 weeks until my graduation now. YAY! today’s schedule looks a a little bit different though. going to reherse in one and a half hour for an upcoming wedding where i’m gonna sing and i’m gonna watch Fame – the musical tonight downtown. woo hoo. a long time since i saw a musical. weird since i’m loving it so much. so a little bit of an update.

 take care!

train ride

April 29, 2010

Sitting on the train now having free wireless Internet, me like. I’m a little bit irritated though. Had prepared some vegetarian BBQ food for tonight and forgot it in the fridge at home. Good job Lina. But perhaps it was meant to happen? You do the analyze. Anyway, heading for Uppsala now and I’m excited!!

tuesday, you are planned in min.

April 27, 2010

i snoozed for an hour. meh. i was really tired and still am. it’s busy day today. full of school stuff. gonna do an interview for our paper today. yay! will take the tram downtown in an hour. and later on study at the library until the interview appointment or what to call it. anyway. not that interesting to know. deal. i guess my point is that i’m busy.

ok. ciao.

a new week

April 26, 2010

so summary of yesterday: last min call to a friend who jumped on a train and spent the day in norrköping with me. cool. salem al fakir live. he’s talented and good. espresso house for some chai latte. shopping and then pride-festival stuff. although only a picture-slide show “in hate we trust” by elisabeth ohlson wallin (the same woman who created ecce homo 1998). touching and made me think and analyze like crazy. me like. then. talked with my love for the rest of the evening/night. yeah.

today: i’m just home writing which feels really crappy since it’s pretty warm out. meh. but been to a park and met some dogs i might babysit every now and then the coming weeks. they were so freaking cute. gaaah. love animals.

 gotta go back to the school stuff now, but first some music!

saturday – pride

April 24, 2010

i really suck on planning a day so i can attend as many different exhibitions/workshops/discussions and so on as possibly. there were too many different interesting things at the same time so i had to choose. BUT when you are enjoying company, eating good fika and communicating with several cute kids, it’s hard to leave and do other stuff. hehe. i’ve had fika for a couple of hours with some really inspiering women and their kids today. loved it and i totally know where my love and i can go every first saturday of the month to hang out with some amazing people. yes, that’s how i think they are. cool. that was my early afternoon.

[after been doing some important shopping (a dress to wear at a wedding where i’m gonna sing and i was starting to get the running out of time stress finding one. it’s now all set. phu)].

i got a little bit confused during later afternoon. watched a show/drama but realized later on that it was an improvisation mixed with drama and poetry. hmm. interesting. i was trying to be as much invisible as possible when they needed/wanted some poeple from the audience to enter the stage and i realized a future with acting is nothing for me. so i found out a good point in my life by this experience or aha-feeling. met later on a friend at the train station since she had a 30 min waiting time before her train was leaving for gothenburg. it was awesome seeing her again. i ate some dinner with my cousin who was joining me during the later afternoon/evening and we chatted for a while. we went after dinner to watch another drama which was really touching and made me think alot. they were pretty talanted and impressed me, big time. i thought it would be more people out attending the festival than it was… even though i might not have been where “all” the people were..hehe. anyway. a pretty good day and i’m glad this is happening in town. yeah.

chai latte. cappuccino. and so on…

April 23, 2010


i love to fika. to drink coffee drinks. mmm. chai latte is my favorite over them all right now. think we will save money by byuing a cool retro espresso machine instead of going to cafes (even though i love to sit at a cafe). yeah.

friday, i like you. alot.

April 23, 2010

first study some. then downtown and some shopping with a friend. hopefully fika and later on a beer at a pub.
yep. i like you friday.


moi today.

he made me laugh!

April 22, 2010

it was a tough morning today. you know when the bed feels extra cozy and warm and you’re still really tired..mmm. exactly. it was hard. mom and i took the same tram downtown this morning and while we were waiting at the tram stop a guy started talking to us. he was obviously drunk (i did my first internship in denmark with people who were alcoholics or doing drugs or perhaps both and i loved spending time with them) and had no boundries while talking but was amazingly funny and had story after story to tell us. he was totally cracking us up, big time.

we got on the tram and a person was doing a research for the tram company and we filled in forms and of course the guy wanted to do it too. it was a bit hard and he decided to just draw a long line crossing all the boxes you were suppose to mark differently (the questions were asked so you couldn’t really do like he did), which cracked me up (for the seventyeleventh time) since he was so proud of being so smart, according to him. but instead of filling in forms he wanted to tell people stories, which he was freaking good at! i turned to mom and said; can you understand now how fun i had in denmark during my internship?!? oh, yes was her respond.

he made me laugh this tough morning. thank you and i hope your hospital visit went good..

yes, please!

April 22, 2010

i have a great passion in my life and it’s about checking apartments on the internet that are for sale..sometimes i decide to “travel” to different cities like uppsala, helsingborg, norrköping and now göteborg…and i loooooove to see how they have renovated them and i’m getting plenty of ideas how i want our coming home to be. mmm. dreaming. my favorite (so far, which is on the market now) is an apartment in gö (where all the pics are from) is the place to check apartments! i’m stuck and i love this one! have already moved in in my thoughts. the best is that my love has the same taste. yeah.

simple and comfy.

April 22, 2010

it’s all simple and comfy in clothes-way today. gonna study all day at school. yep. (it’s snowing like crap. hate it.)

wednesday, you’re so gray-ish and crazy.

April 21, 2010

it’s crazy weather today. woke up hearing dad talking to mom about that it was snowing outside!!! that’s when i dug in under the covers even more. uuugh. snow? but, it’s “april weather” as we call it which means – you never know. hate it. anyway, summer will soon be here (have to be optimistic) and my love and i are gonna ride around in the jeep with the top down or ride the bikes around at the beach. mmm. can’t wait.

i know, the pic is blurry..can’t really fix it, deal.

say it!

April 20, 2010

[bild från]

När jag ändrade min civila status på Facebook, från att ha varit ”single” till att vara ”in relationship”, dök ett flertal kommentarer upp; ” Åh, har du blivit med pojkvän!” eller ”Vad heter den lycklige karln?” Visserligen hade jag aldrig tidigare varit ihop med en tjej och många trodde nog därför att det var en kille jag blivit ihop med…men.. Redan där ser jag vilken inställning eller tankar många människor kan ha. Många reflekterar inte att kärleken kan se ut på många olika sätt och även om jag aldrig hade varit ihop med en tjej, kan det ändras för kärleken styr man inte över, inte jag i alla fall!

Jag är svensk och min (numera!) fru är amerikanska vilket betyder att vi därmed får gå igenom en hel del internationella och underbara fylla-i-blankett-processer i livet. Vi började diskutera relativt tidigt hur vi skulle försöka planera vårt liv. Ja, vi måste planera, eftersom vi är styrda utifrån blanketter, lagar och rättigheter och då dessutom i två olika världsdelar. Framförhållning är något jag har lärt mig att ha de senaste åren. Det var egentligen inte så svårt att ”välja” då det inte finns någon som helst möjlighet för mig att få ett så kallat ”green card” i USA (uppehållstillstånd för resten av ens liv i och med att man är gift med en amerikan, MEN gäller inte då man är tjej och gift med en amerikansk tjej). Faktum är att när min fru ska fylla i blanketter eller liknande i sin hemstat, North Carolina, måste hon kryssa i att hon är singel för vårt äktenskap räknas inte där.

Vi gifte oss i Sverige december 2009 och min fru får därmed rätten till uppehållstillstånd i Sverige eftersom hon är gift med mig som är svensk medborgare. Naturligtvis har vi varit tvungna att fylla i en hel del blanketter i denna process, men vi vet vad beslutet blir – att vi har rätt att få vara tillsammans med varandra (i mer än tre månader i sträck – det är så länge man får stanna som ”turist” i antingen Sverige eller USA), hela livet! Det intressanta har, i all blankettifyllande, varit att se hur alla blanketter är utformade. Faktum är att vi på något sätt lite överraskade inte har bemötts av någon som helst diskriminering i blankettform. Härligt Sverige!

När jag vanligtvis skriver om HBT-relaterade saker (Homo-Bi-Transpersoner) eller händelser på min blogg är det oftast relaterat till politiska beslut eller diskussioner – främst i USA (då de ligger lite efter Sverige, men Obama kämpar på!) men även i Sverige, fokus lägger jag dock mest på det vardagliga livet med mig och min fru. Jag har precis lagt till en kategori kallad ”rainbow stuff” där jag kommer att spara inlägg relaterade till det. Min bild av samhället är att det är många människor som är en aning reserverade för allt som har med HBT-relaterade frågor eller diskussioner att göra. Jag tycker därför det är viktigt att skriva om det i min blogg, och då enkla vardagliga saker för att visa att HBT-personer inte är annorlunda, avlägsna och/eller skrämmande.

Dagens, eller de kommande sju veckors, fokus är att klara av ännu en period utan min fru fysiskt vid min sida. Hon väntar på sitt uppehållstillstånd till Sverige och jag studerar klart min utbildning med examen i sikte i juni! Det blir sedan en sommar i USA för att umgås med den delen av familjen, innan flytt till Sverige bär av stapeln. En flytt som innebär att vi för alltid får vara fysiskt tillsammans – det är livet det och något som vi inte tidigare har kunnat ta för givet.

Under Pride i Norrköping kommer jag troligtvis att besöka debatten om familjefrågor, fika och höra mer om ”Öppen Förskola Regnbågsfamiljer”, kanske se någon show, titta på någon eller några utställningar, dj:a och förhoppningsvis prata med många härliga människor! Det finns så mycket intressant att se och lyssna till så jag får se hur jag knåpar ihop mitt helgsschema, kul ska det bli!

Läs om..
tävlingen (länk)
festivalen (länk)
programmet i .pdf (länk)

Sorry, my international readers for writing this blog post in Swedish. I’m in a contest called “Say it” related to the Pride festival here in Norrköping this coming weekend. I compete about some cool stuff from WordPress (link) – blog/Internet related things.

cravings # ?

April 19, 2010

i’m gonna focus more on an interest i haven’t really been able to do since i’ve been studying alot. so once i’ve finished university (hopefully in June this year) i’m gonna give photagraphy a big chance in my life. we have a nikon d40 with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED, Opteka .35x HD Super Wide Angle Panoramic Macro Fisheye Lens, another lens with a great zoom (which i don’t know everything about since it’s in the states). but i’m also dreaming of this…

have to study some now..write on our final paper. yeah. but the sun is shining from a blue sky and i just wanna be out taking pics (hehe).