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August 2009

a summary of the beach time!

August 16, 2009

So we are heading back home today…but first a summary of the beach time!


Beach life/Boat Rides

Our boat ride to Cape Lookout

After playing with my boogie board!

Tornado Warning

The Tornado warning on TV – my first tornado experience!

The safest area in the house where some of us were hanging out for a while.
(Yes, three of us are under the covers)

I don’t like stormy weather…BUT…a new saying was invented – STORM-SHOPPING So we did…


My iPod touch

Bye Atlantic Beach, NC. Hello home!

i’m back in the states!

August 9, 2009

All our flights went good yesterday! Scary though to read about the helicopter and the small plane that crashed probably about the same time we landed at Newark, NJ. Even more scary is it to think that I, just a few hours later, was sitting at the gate facing Manhattan (on the Jersey side), saw an helicopter and a plane and was thinking that they looked like they were so close to each other…without knowing that a terrible accident right were I was looking had just happend. Horrible.

Anyway. We have been sleeping amazingly good here in Asheville after arriving at the apartment around 12:30 AM. Gonna take a shower, pack clothes for the beach week, stop by Starbucks and get some really good coffee/chai tea latte – can’t decide exactly what I want right now because everything is so tasty and then drive the 7 hours to the beach. Tonigh it’s pizza and ice cream night with my love’s family/relatives AND with the new born baby. Yay!

Will hopeefully update you all with pics and perhaps some videos later on this week. It depends on the internet possibilities.

Shower, here I come!

it’s early saturday morning!

August 8, 2009

It’s about 2:30 AM and we are watching Harry Potter on dvd..well I’m writing some here at the same time (obviously). The bus to Stockholm will leave just after 4 AM so we are just hanging out and waiting right now. Crazy early morning/day and it’s gonna be looooong too. But I can’t wait to be back. Just wished that I could skip all the travel. HATE to fly and it freaks me out big time. Feels good to do he trip with my love this time though, amazing!

Gonna continue to watch Harry Potter.  I’ll write an update as soon as I can once I’m back in the States.

over and out.

home, here i come!!!

August 7, 2009

After all the troubles..I’ve decided to go to the States on a tourist visa and stay there for almost 3 months. AND I will be able to apply for a work visa after my graduation from collage (which I could not do during a period of two years if I’ve gotten the visa now). So I am happy and we are heading back home tomorrow!!! First Asheville for a night and then we are heading to the beach for some really necessary rest and relaxing time with my love’s family and relatives. I haven’t been able to relax for so many months now so it’s gonna be awesome. Beach life, beer, boat rides, restaurants, shopping, plenty of chat time and just hanging out. YAY.

Asheville, NC, with the amazing Blue Ridge Mountains in the background. Pic from here.

Atlantic Beach, NC. Pic from here.

My favorite restaurant at the beach. Pics from here.

monday monday

August 3, 2009

so…I’m still really upset but it feels like I can focus a little bit on other stuff right now and be more like a human being. Phu. Want so so so badly to be at the beach now. Family, awesome restaurants, beach time, relaxing, warmth, sun, motor boats, islands, dolphins, wild horses and the light house. I love it there, mmm. Perhaps gonna spend some time there during labor day and the weekend before that. Who knows. Yes, I’m really emotional right now and want to go home.

We are thinking about to get us some new cell phones (american/international). My american one is really basic and I (the materialistic girl) wants to get a more advanced one. So, I’m thinking about the BlackBerry Storm.

yeah. pic from here.