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merry christmas

December 25, 2009

Has been a really cozy Christmas Eve. Plenty of food and plenty of gifts later on. Now, some good time in front of the TV with brotha and my love. Me like! Hope your Christmas has been good so far! Love.

the day before christmas eve.

December 23, 2009

yesterday i woke up with a song i stuck in my head…”have yourself a merry little christmas” and it was bing crosby singing in my ears. today’s song was..”it’s the most wonderful time of the year”…optional artist. yeah. it’s christmas time.

i love it and the most wonderful part is that my love is here!  we’ve done alot of stuff the latest days:

– christmas service
– shopping
– restaurant visit
– christmas concert
– christmas tree shopping
– decorated the christmas tree
– decorated my parents’ home
– watched movies (at home and at the movies)

christmas music

December 23, 2009

since it’s christmas time and we’re all listening to plenty of christmas music, i have a few tips for cozy christmas evenings/nights (click on the album picture and it will open in spotify).



by the way…my flu shot did cause some serious issues. i couldn’t move my arm for 2.5 days! it’s ok now, finally..

flu shot

December 14, 2009

 have taken the flu shot today. hoping for the best..(i’m not gonna get sick).

right now

December 9, 2009

i’m tryin’ to find my focus so i can study. doesn’t work out that amazingly good. hmpf.

new week

December 7, 2009

gosh. the time is flying by (which i like in many ways – the most because my love is coming to sweden in less than 2 weeks). was in Östersund (a city in the northern part of Sweden – it takes about 45 min to fly from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden) thursday to friday – wrote a test and i’ve spent the weekend on two different family parties. phu. intense, fun and exhausting all at the same time.

 i’m doing my internship now, which i love and it’s gonna be a regular week now = wake up at 6am, be at “work” around 8am, off around 4pm, at my parents’ house around 5pm, eat and then study. yeah (or phu). but only about 8 “work days” left until christmas and new years break. gonna write in my internship journal now and then work on my paper while i’m listening to some christmas music. need to prepare some for sunday too (gonna sing solo then). yep, that’s my life right now.

how about yours?

the star is up!

November 28, 2009

i love this tme of the year.

my star is up and it’s the first of advent tomorrow – crazy, but awesome and so cozy! haven’t updated this blog that much lately and the reason is simple: i’m busy (as i told in the other post). BUT i’ll have my test in the end of next week (friday) and it will be a little bit more relaxing after next weekend = hopefully more updates here.

busy busy busy

November 16, 2009

as you probably can understand through my non-existing updated blog, i’m pretty busy. gaaah. will i survive these coming 8 months? have started my internship (love it), studying for a test and writing papers. it’s like full time times at least 2. anyway. i’m not gonna get bored, for sure. but..

…i wanna live with my love. hate the distance and the time difference. hate it. just want to enjoy everyday life with the most important person in my life. but, one day..gonna study some more now and then go to bed early since i have to get up 05:45.

i’m bored

November 12, 2009

well…i’ve seen these walls now (non-stop) since last wednesday. yep. i’ve been sick over a week now. gaaaah. but i’m feeling way much better now and i’m fit for fight. the sad thing is that it feels like everyone are busy. hey, i wanna fika or do something..anyone? my goal is to go downtown tomorrow afternoon and hopefully have some fika. wish me luck. (i miss my life in the states big time now)

i failed.

November 11, 2009

i’m home today and the rest of the week. hmpf. it SUCKS, big time..but i’m coughing too much. don’t think alot of people want to be around me.

the test

November 10, 2009

mom called me earlier today and told me to take a walk around the block a test to see if i can make tomorrow and start my internship. thought it was a good idea and got dressed (a little bit excited to wear “real” clothes for the first time since-i-don’t-know-when). many layers, scarf, hat, gloves, boots and so on…

gaaaaah, it’s FREEZING here in sweden! (haven’t been out that much since i came back from the states because i’ve been sick almost the whole freekin’ time). i was so cold the 6 min walk..and i was coughing my lungs out…oh, well. it felt like it. so i don’t know. did i pass or did i fail the test? can i make it tomorrow? i don’t know. gonna take the discussion with mom later on. cross your fingers. please.

i’m tired of being sick and i wanna live life.

now: fix some lunch and then write on my paper…

is life coming back?

November 9, 2009

i think so. have been sick since last wednesday and been sleeping ALOT since then too so i better be well very soon. but i can feel life is coming back to me again. phu. some pics that my love took the last day i was in the states. really fallish. mmm, but can’t wait for a cozy christmas. the best of them all.


November 6, 2009

no road trip for me with my family. i’m a wreck or really sick would be another way to put it (NOT swine flue as far as i know). can’t remember last time i was this sick. it sucks and i’m home alone too..i’m lucky and so thankful that my love is calling me every now and then to check on me though. thanks ♥.

just needed some time to complain. have moved downstairs and placed myself in front of the big tv and will watch some shows now. perhaps idol later on. gonna try to eat some too (haven’t been quite that successful on that area today..shame on me).

hope you’re all having a good friday night/day.

November 5, 2009

couldn’t come up with any good subtitle of this post. yeah. 5 inspiration points to me. it’s thursday and i am sitting here, listening to music, feeling emotional in many ways (amazingly happy, in love, sad, missing my love and so on and so on and so on). i should, as usual, write on my paper but have NO inspiration. i know i will get it done but i hate that it’s all gonna be so stressful (deadline is not until january). it’s grey out and snowing every now and then. i’m coughing big time and i hate it. so annyoing. anyway. going on a road trip tomorrow with ma, pa, sis and her kids tomorrow until sat. woo hoo. gonna be fun, interesting and i don’t know. haven’t done that for a long time. haven’t seen two of the three kids since august so it’s gonna be wonderful to hug them tomorrow. today is a day when i really miss being in the states with my love. the life i have there…it’s so different compare to here and it’s a process to get used to everything all over again and to be without my love. it’s hard. oh, well. gonna try to find some more articles i need for my paper. yeah.


November 4, 2009

our cat zola tried to talk to me yesterday on this pic.

back in sweden!

November 3, 2009

So I made it back to Sweden (hate to fly). Feels weird in many ways but good at the same time (just wish my love was here and Zola, our cat). Anyway..just a short note here right now. Brb.

bye usa and hey sweden.

October 31, 2009

The trees are changing color big time here which means that time is running and I have to leave the States (for this time). I can’t find words to describe how sad I am leaving my love here. At the same time I’m glad to see friends and family in Sweden. It’s all mixed. My soul is crying today and I’m letting myself feel that way. I belong together with my love and it’s unfair that the laws are separating us.

The departure from NC is tomorrow morning (Sunday) and I will arrive in Sweden early Monday morning.
So no updates until then..

my parents are here..

October 27, 2009

..and we started the trip to visit Raleigh. Did some shopping and then, the next day, went to atlantic beach = warm weather and sun, me like. A few pics from the first days for my parents here in NC:

My parents brought some candy = Lina is happy! 

Some shopping in Raleigh.

We went out on the boat the first evening at the beach.

They (probably the people who wanted to take a part of it) had a kite competition the next day. We checked it out.

A big wave came and we were in shock..hee hee.

Still in shock or trying to pose?

it’s a crazy thursday

October 22, 2009

Yes, it feels like it’s a mix of everything today. Going to a funeral and then later on we’re heading to Charlotte and the airport to pick up my parents! They’ve been to NYC for some days and are now gonna spend a week here in North Carolina. Woo hoo, I’m excited to show them around here!

We’re tonight heading to Raleigh and staying over the night. Perhaps gonna visit The State Fair during Friday and for sure some shopping at the big mall close to the hotel. YAY. I have, as you’ve seen (link link), a list of things I want to buy before I’m leaving the States. We’ll spend the weekend at the beach house and will head back to Asheville on Sunday for some days here. Yep, that’s how the plans are now.

Now: clean the apartment, finish the packing and take a shower.

By the way! The Swedish Lutheran Church voted today YES for homosexual people to get married in the church! Go Sweden!

iphone cases

October 21, 2009

Since I’ve ordered an iPhone..I’ve been looking around to see what kind of case I would like to have.
These are my favorite, so far.

starbucks → sweden

October 21, 2009

Oh, YES! I have waited for such a long time. Starbucks is coming to Sweden and it’s gonna be located at Arlanda (the airport in Stockholm). I’m so happy and for the first time it’s actually really good that I’m hanging out at the airport alot nowadays. Hee hee. Gonna force my dad who works at the airport every now and then to bring some home too. To read some about it (link) – It’s in Swedish. I’m excited!

pics from here


i want it

October 20, 2009

i have a few “errands” to do before i leave for sweden. so many things i wanna buy (so much cheaper here too). yes, sometimes i’m a really materialistic girl. not gonna buy two sets of speakers..but can’t decide exactly which one (and it might even not be any of the ones on the pic).

pics from hereherehere and here.

i’m off to clean the car now. how fun sounds that?

a beautiful day

October 20, 2009

we decided to get some starbucks and spend the afternoon outside in the beautiful weather.

some good stuff

October 19, 2009

♥ i am so in love

♥ i’m glad my parents arrived safely in New York and they are coming here on thursday. woo hoo.

♥ zola (the cat) is so in a cozy/snuggeling mood. i love it.

♥ it’s sunny and pretty cold out. some fallish weather (even though it’s gonna be around 75 on wednesday).

♥ i’ve started to write some more on my paper. f i n a l l y.

it feels like a pretty good day today.

nick and norah’s infinite playlist

October 19, 2009

My cousin Julia wrote about the movie on her blog (link) in February and my love and I have wanted to see it since then. Well, we’ve seen the movie several times in different stores but never ended to buy it until the other day. It was so cheap and we couldn’t let it be this time! We bought it watched it yesterday and we loved it! So for those who haven’t seen it, it’s a good one and I recommend it warmly. Info about it at here and pic from the same website.

last night (football game) in pics

October 17, 2009

The home side! 

Introduction with Michael Jackson theme.


Who’s becoming the homecoming queen?

A happy but cold Lina.

Preparations for the homecoming dance.

More preparations..
(we lost, big time).

gooooo rams!

October 16, 2009

I’m going to the homecoming football game tonight. Yay! Ready and dressed in right colors (blue and gray).