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i have been busy the latest days…

December 23, 2008

Gonna write on my paper during the morning today (it’s 8:20 AM when I’m writing this). Later on bake some cupcakes, do some grocery shopping (gonna try to find some Swedish things), do some christmas shopping and I seriously need some coffee from Starbucks. Hmm, will see how we can fix that hehe. Tomorrow it’s Christmas Eve. Woo hoo! Gonna spend the time here at home and on Christmas Day go to the beach and stay there for some days.

thursday – movies, asheville and wii

December 19, 2008

On our way to Asheville and the movies to watch Madagascar 2

Soon downtown Asheville

Doin’ some shopping…

Downtown Asheville. Love it.

Went to dinner with Mark and Jessica and then to their house to play Wii and watch Grey’s Anatomy.

We got christmas gifts!

Mmm. Cozy and really soft blankets and in the colors we looooove.

Wii – bowling…gosh, I want my own Wii.

Then Grey’s…

road trip day 2, shopping and nc

December 17, 2008

The rest of the road trip and the first days in NC…



Cracker Barrel

Smart girls?
[while waiting for our lunch to be served]


Typical american style…stop at the gaz station

Passing Louisville, Kentucky…

This is for you, Sis…


Artists behind: Jessica and Liz
[Their plan was to bring the signs to the airport in Charlotte]

Did some errands yesterday

“Super Wal mart”

Yes, we bought it! Sing-A-Long version too…yay!

This is for you dad…

Liz is at her new job today (just for a visit) so I woke up early. Posted some pictures here and now it’s about time to study. Sort of my plans for today. Tonight: Beer and live music in Asheville together with some friends. Yay!

so long.

delayed flight, chicago, and road trip!

December 15, 2008

Took me forever to leave Stockholm last Saturday…the flight was delayed due to technical problems. Hmpf. But after about 4 hours I finally was on my way to the States! Yay! BUT, of course I missed my connecting it turned out that my love drove to Chicago to pick me up there instead. We spent a night at the Hilton and started to drive south. Road trip – me like! We are now staying at a hotel in Indiana next to a huge outlet shopping mall that we are gonna check out before we leave. I have finnaly gotten my camera (therefore no pictures before the States ’cause I didn’t bring my old camera).

the hotel where we stayed

the lobby…all christmasy

mmm. christmas tree ♥

Liz in the car and we are starting our road trip to NC!
Woo hoo!

[Music, snacks and Starbucks]


Lina ♥ Starbucks

Indiana..the typical landscape of Indiana and that’s where we are now.
Well, not on the field…but the state. Duh.

Later on an update from the outlet mall, rest of the trip back home and hopefully dinner with some friends.

Love it.

denmark – sweden – usa

December 11, 2008

Last night in Denmark…
– Had coffee at Frank A (ate the best chocolate cake EVER!)
– Eat dinner with A (my friend I’m staying with)
– Watch the last DVD of “Anne of Green Gables”
– Hopefully have time to color my hair

Tomorrow is my last day at work…feeling really sad about it but I am at the same time soooooo excited to see my love again…First a short stop in Sweden to pack some, see my newborn niece, and spend some quality time with my family (yes, around midnight…hehe). Early Saturday morning….gosh, REALLy early, I am heading to the airport. Woo hoo! A lot of traveling the coming days.

X2000 train in Sweden


over ‘n out.

takin’ pics…

December 7, 2008

Gaaah. Can’t wait to take pictures with my new camera. My love was so sweet and ordered it and now it’s only waiting for me..Yes! I am in a creativity mood right now. (Well I want to do almost everything except writing the paper). Hmpf.

2nd sunday advent

December 7, 2008

soon on the 7th (yes, I am a little bit behind)

Gosh, already the 7th of December (and in less than a week, I’ll be in the States!). The sun is shining and I am soon off to church. Gonna sing with the gospel choir. Yay!The dress code is black and gold so I decided to wear all black and some of the jewelry is in gold. Yeah.


♥ converse ♥

December 6, 2008

Writing on my paper…but keep thinking about other things. For exemple shoes…hehe. But I LOVE converse and I am so getting one, two or more new ones soon. Yay!


December 6, 2008

New life – new blog. Or? Well it is a new blog (got some awesome help from my cousin, Julia – THANKS!) and I am living nowadays! So, yes, sort of a new life!

1: I am so in love
2. I am not sick anymore – that’s my past!
3. I am moving to the States

Haven’t been writing for a looooong time on my other blog and I have been thinking of to start a new one. So here we go!

Sittin’ on the couch in a apartment in in a week I’ve boarded the plane and heading to the States. Can’t believe that my time (for now) in Denmark is soon over. I’ve been here since the middle of August and have loved it. I am for sure coming back! But one week and a whole new life is about to begin. I am going to my love, gonna spend Christmas and New Years, go back to Sweden for some exams and then hopefully move over to the States! Can’t wait. We got a studio apartment yesterday and will have access to it in January. Woo hoo! IKEA, here we come…some Urban Outfitters is necessarily too. Yes, we have so started to decorate it in our minds. Love it!


Some furniture and things we like…

we want to have plenty of pillows..


so long.