1.5 years later

September 2, 2023

How does one pick up a blog after 1.5 years of silence? A recap? A present post what I’ve done the past week? What do I even want to share, and does anyone care? Do I need anyone to care? Can’t I just do this for myself? What language do I write in? Why do I do this – to spark a sense of creativity again in life? To share life stories, good and bad? So many questions and so few answers. I think I basically need time to explore and see how it feels. Simple as that.

I do feel some sort of a change is needed. If it is to update to header picture, font, width of the page or colors?

I think this first written comeback will just be about that I’m back in some way, and it will all be figured out as I go. Welcome back whoever you are, you’re warmly welcome, and hej bloggen – let’s do this!

Lewiston, Maine, USA, July 2023

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  • Reply Liz September 3, 2023 at 7:05 PM

    I am so excited to read a post from you. One post, one story, one little thing at a time. You do what you feel, as you feel it. I’ll be waiting. And I know I will be inspired every damn time you share and create something. love you.

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