November 11, 2012

When I was little, I said “mom” to you instead of “dad”, because I couldn’t say specific letters, or pronounce words correctly due to my defect as a newborn. But it was ok. You knew who or what I meant. After several surgeries you were always there, by my side, taking care of me, and gave me a few presents as something to motivate me before the surgery, when it was hard and painful. Every single time I was sick, and stayed home from preschool or school, you always asked what I wished for lunch, and I always said pasta and meatballs, which you always cooked for me. It was so yummy. Once I got older, and classes in school got harder and harder, you were there, so I could ask you for help. It almost always ended in a fight..And you know what, I believe the reason was, that we are so alike. We know we are right and we are both pretty stubborn when it comes to some things. When I was a teenager, I was always ashamed when someone called our home to sell something, and you talked them out of their own stupid deal. I was embarrassed. Guess who’s doing the same thing now? You love to film whenever you’re traveling, and then make tons of movies with menus, background music, different versions (short and longer ones). I used to really dislike you when you were filming me as a teenager. Nowadays, I really appreciate all the movies we have from different trips. Such a cool documentary from your life since you love to travel and do it every year.

We are always joking together, or discussing different subjects pretty intensely. I always call you for advice, even if you are at work…Sometimes we joke about it’s always me calling you, so when your phone is ringing and I’m physical with you, we’re surprised (unless it’s a work day for you because then you’re crazy busy). I don’t get how you can do everything you do. Take care of a big family/relatives, travel out of town several days a week because of work, attend meetings on your free time, always help people when they need your help, and so on. You are always there for e v e r y o n e, and have always opened up your home whenever someone need to stay there. You have a really warm heart and I believe everybody can feel it, especially kids because they tend to always be near you.

You are my amazing dad, and I’m so proud to be your daughter. Thank you for always being by my side, for loving me, and for being you.
I love you, dad. Happy Father’s Day!

Dad at one of his favorite places to be, the woods.


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    • Reply Lier November 13, 2012 at 10:38 PM

      Thank you!

  • Reply Carissa November 11, 2012 at 8:33 PM

    Beautiful indeed! He is a great guy, and I’m so grateful to have gotten to experience his hospitality first-hand. 🙂

    • Reply Lier November 13, 2012 at 10:38 PM

      Awww. Thanks!

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