February 12, 2009

♥ Have taken a long shower
♥ Drinking Starbucks coffee with hazelnut creamer. Yummy!
♥ Listening to music (katy Ray)
♥ My love called me!

Will soon begin to study some more. Have just read a little today (though I worked pretty hard yesterday). Slept pretty long this morning (I usually go up when my love leaves for work)..but I spent most of the night dreaming nightmares. Meh. So I deserved the long sleep.

Plans for today: Study – write papers, work on a personal letter that I’m gonna give to the intern ship places, go to J and M – watch Grey’s Anatomy and then Private Practice(which is sort of related to Grey’s Anatomy).

The weekend: A lot of movies and go out and eat (don’t know where yet)!  Probably gonna watch Friday the 13th (tomorrow, of course) and then Confessions of a Shopaholic.


The latest movies we have seen…

He’s Just Not That Into You

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Four Christmases

Marley & Me

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