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November 19, 2014

In the middle of October, we packed our camping stuff, and together with the rest of the family, headed to Hot Springs here in North Carolina. It was a beautiful and relaxing weekend, filled with campfires, yummy food, a lot of laughter, and the celebration of Liz’s dad who turned 70!!! I decided to make a video of it all, so if you would like to tag along on our camping adventures, afterwards, check out the video below. It will only take about 4 min of your life 🙂


June 16, 2014

Last Friday, Paige, Liz and I went to Carrboro, a 4 hour drive from Asheville, to see the Swedish band, First Aid Kit. I’ve made a 6 min long video of our trip, which you can check out here below:

a bike ride to the beach

June 12, 2014

In the beginning of May, right after my summer break had started, Liz and I headed to the beach where Liz’s parents live. I filmed a little bit (I’m a major amateur) there and put it together later on, but haven’t really shared it until now. Lesson learned: film in landscape instead. Oh, well. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

something beautiful

November 9, 2012

l love this movie. Love this opening scene. Love this music. I love it all.

Forrest Gump Suite by Alan Silvestri

it’s complicated

January 24, 2010

oh, yeah. going to the movies in a little while together with my cousin. we’re gonna watch “it’s complicated”. it’s gonna be cozy, hopefully fun and interesting (in the way to see how the movie is, if i like it)! just wish my love could join too.

pics. from