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Almost a month

December 21, 2015


Crazy. It’s been a while since I last posted something here on the blog. Oh, well. My life has been pretty intense, but not, at the same time. To be honest, it’s been pretty tough lately, but I keep fighting, trying to follow what the professionals and Liz are telling me to do. However, there are some struggles that are really hard right now, and it’s not really helping that day treatment is closed for about two weeks!! I understand the professionals need some time off too when the holiday is kicking in, but this is also a really tough period when having an eating disorder…

Friday was the last day for some of the girls at treatment as well, so it was really sad to say goodbye to them, and also to say goodbye to the girls who I’ll not see on a daily basis for a few weeks, like the past months. You get so used to the everyday schedule at the hospital with amazing people around you, and then suddenly, you don’t have them around you. I miss my heroes. Because that’s what they are, the other girls (well the professionals too), but gaaaah, I feel so much for the other patients. Ok, enough with that talk..I’m getting really emotional now.

Liz and I had some cozy time here at home with my brother, his wife, my cousin, her boyfriend, and my extra big brother (my real brother’s best friend). We drank Glögg (mulled wine which is a major Swedish holiday drink), ate some snacks, chatted, and played a quiz that Liz and I had put together earlier in the day. So much fun! We filmed some during the day so lets check it out instead of me trying to describe it.

Here we go! (for better quality, check out the video directly on my channel on Vimeo → here)


January 14, 2015

Liz and I went to the movies yesterday and saw, Selma. The movie is about Martin Luther King’s (MLK) famous campaign for equal voting rights, marching from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965.


I truly love watching movies based on true and major historic events – to freshen up one’s memory about the history, and to be reminded about its importance, especially today when various countries are struggling in political, social, and individual ways. I checked with SF for you Swedes who are reading this, and the movie comes out March 6 in Sweden so check it out then! Tip. Tip.


Just a about a week ago, Liz and I stood where MLK stood when he had his I Have a Dream speech at Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. Selma came out just a few days ago, and on Monday is the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – a holiday marked on the third Monday of January each year, which is around the time of MLK’s birthday, January 15. Let’s check out what the movie looked like. All pictures are taken from imdb where you also can read more about the movie. Find it here.














Anniversary Date

December 28, 2013

Liz and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary two days ago. We went downtown to watch “Philomena” (watch it if you can!) in the Fine Arts Theatre, which is the oldest theatre in Asheville, and has such character! You could order beer to drink, which we did, along with popcorn to eat. Afterwards, we walked across the street and ate at “Curate“, a really good tapas bar. We got to sit up at the bar, in the middle, so we could see all the chefs cooking the food. I was so impressed and got inspired to cook more unique food from now on. We ate so much yummy food, drank sparkling wine, and talked with a couple who were sitting beside us. They were from Charleston, South Carolina and later on the guy proposed to the girl, and the whole restaurant was cheering. The owner came to congratulate the newly engaged couple, and we all were touched. Gaaah, so much love in the air. It was such a great night with my love. I love her so so so much and I cannot wait to spend plenty of more years together. She truly is my everything ♥.

moviesThe movie theatre and me eating popcorn and Liz drinking beer. 

glassfoodWe ate: mushrooms sautéed in olive oil with a splash of sherry; crispy fried potatoes topped with a slightly spicy “brava” sauce; olives with lemon, rosemary, and thyme; toasted bread with fresh tomato and olive oil, and finally, a fried eggplant drizzled in wild mountain honey, garnished with rosemary.

liz_linaLiz tried to take a picture of us, but I was too into the chefs’ cooking…oops.

cheersCooking in action right in from of us and a successful shoot of the two of us. 

I have had a great Christmas with plenty of good food, baking, coziness, presents, Christmas movies, and Christmas music. Going to work on the pictures now and show some of them in an upcoming post, and perhaps share some of my awesome gifts as well. So long!

simon och ekarna

December 10, 2011

Liz and I went to the movies today and watched “Simon och ekarna” (“Simon and the Oaks”), originally a novel written by Marianne Fredriksson. Thought it was a pretty good movie with amazing, beautiful pictures, good storyline which was taken place during the second world war and was basicly about a boy figuring out his roots with a mix of drama, love, and hard situations in the time of a war. Think it’s worth watching, and it makes you think of the most important in life, love.

February 12, 2009

♥ Have taken a long shower
♥ Drinking Starbucks coffee with hazelnut creamer. Yummy!
♥ Listening to music (katy Ray)
♥ My love called me!

Will soon begin to study some more. Have just read a little today (though I worked pretty hard yesterday). Slept pretty long this morning (I usually go up when my love leaves for work)..but I spent most of the night dreaming nightmares. Meh. So I deserved the long sleep.

Plans for today: Study – write papers, work on a personal letter that I’m gonna give to the intern ship places, go to J and M – watch Grey’s Anatomy and then Private Practice(which is sort of related to Grey’s Anatomy).

The weekend: A lot of movies and go out and eat (don’t know where yet)!  Probably gonna watch Friday the 13th (tomorrow, of course) and then Confessions of a Shopaholic.


The latest movies we have seen…

He’s Just Not That Into You

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Four Christmases

Marley & Me

snow day/optional work day/shopping music stuff..

February 6, 2009

my love was off from work since it snowed wednesday. yay. cozy day at home! yesterday was an optional work day for the teachers so I went to the high school where my love works. other than that: been studying. drinking mocha frappuccino (looooooove it!), been shopping, watched grey’s anatomy last night… tonight the movies and then thirsty monk. woo hoo!

by the way..I bought a hormonica yesterday. here we go. poor neighbors and my love [see picture below].


working hard and sitting there because I took her desk…

special edu classroom


tryin’ to learn..


January 28, 2009

and i am dying..or not. but i really really really want to do some shopping. gaaaah.

watching/listening to one music movie after another (rent, once…). love it. my cup of coffee is right beside me and of course with hazelnut creamer. yummy. have been studying some and gonna read some more before i think i’m done for today. still waiting for some books i have ordered. though to sweden som my parents are sending them to me now. thanks. love the music to the movie, once. wanna buy the sound track.mmm. my coffee is perfect. a gold star to me. feeling crazy today. wanna do crazy stuff. well, hopefully the thirsty monk tonight (a pub, i’ve never been to yet). it’s dwntwn asheville. so close to the apartment.

well gotta go back to some school stuff. woo hoo.

love madagaskar