Within the categories above, you can see more about all the specific topics. But thought I could do a short little introduction for each of them as well.

My wife, Liz, and I decided during our vacation in the States, after we’d been guests in a podcast which I wrote about here, to start our own podcast. You’ll find it by searching liz+lina or just simply click on the links below and choose the platform of your choice.

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I was born and grew up in Sweden, and this is where I also live at the moment. So this category is chosen every time I write something related to Sweden or when I am in Sweden. Just to be able to separate the different places.

Being married to an American, a lot of things are USA-related, of course. Therefore, I use the USA category, similar to how I am using the Sweden category, when I write something related to the States or when I am there.

A pretty new category here on the blog, since it’s my newest hobby in life. This is where you can find all my posts related to longboarding, which can be inspirational pictures, facts, and later hopefully some photos of me longboarding.
We all have thoughts, and this category is for when I feel like writing a tiny bit more deeper stuff in my life. I have been struggling with a sickness, and sometimes my thoughts related to that or whatever else, need their own space here on the blog. This is the place where you find it.

Yes, I do like shopping. It does not happen that very often (though it might seem like like), but when it does, this is where you can find my bargins (and not so cheap stuff as well…hehe).

Traveling is something I truly have close to my heart. To be able to explore a new place, sights, people/culture, and challenge myself, is one of my biggest passions. I wish I had the opportunity to travel more than I do and explore new places. The charm of belonging to two countries and visiting the other countries (with family and friends) when living in the other one. Not that it is bad of any sort, just hard to not go and see close ones when you live with such distance. We also have other life plans, which are not helping us to travel more at the moment. Whenever I travel, this is the category the post will be placed under.

You may see some various lists filled in here every now and then. I like to read others’  answers on their blogs. So I like to answer short little questions myself and mix the answers with photos. I hope you as a reader enjoy it as well.

I have a pretty creative job (working as a graphic designer), which has made this category sadly, less updated somehow. But I do love to create stuff and will hopefully get back to that in my private life more often later on.headphones

Music has always been a huge part of my life. From ages 9 to 18, I played and sang in various afterschool activities, 3-4 times per week, while I also attended a special music program in school where you have multiple music lessons per week included in your schedule, plus concerts on a regular basis. Right now in life, I am just playing the piano at home some. Under this category, you can read about various concerts I have been to, new music or artists I have found, etc.

Mostly beer or drinks, but also some baking, and other meals are included under this category.

Cozy, cozy, and cozy. Favorite movies are psychological dramas based on true stories. Cannot get enough of those. To go to the movies in the States is rather cheap, at least when comparing with Swedish prices, so we do not go that very often in Sweden. However, Netflix is a good rescuer and if I see something extra worth writing about, this is the place you can read about it.

A lot of posts will be connected to this category since I am trying to post at least one picture with each blog post.


When I was living in the States, I studied at the University of North Carolina at Asheville and majored in New Media, hence the school category. However, I only studied 1.5 years before I actually got my dream job as a graphic designer way before my graduation. Awesome. My new job, which I started in February 2015, was the reason for moving back to Sweden in January 2015.

Everything related to this blog will be found here. It can, for example, be a blog post about a new design or another change I have done here. Also, some corporation posts can be found here.

I love to create different web design looks and under this category, you can see what my blog has looked like at different times.

Sometimes I video trips, myself, or other stuff.

This is where you can find Liz’s and my vlog (video blog) series – Two Chicks & a Chat.

This category hasn’t excited here before, but been under categories, such as, “thoughts” and “year summeries”, probably because I haven’t wanted to focus that much on my sickness on this blog, but when it’s, unfortunately a part of my life, I thought it needed its own category.

I’m trying to write year summaries around New Years each year – a way for me to look back at the year that has passed! I usually follow the same kind of list so I can compare the different years and answers with each other. Under this category you can also find “throwbacks”, special dates/memories, and milestones.